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Hide Student Contacts

This plugin will hide the new Student Contacts feature released in version 12. It allows for selective enabling of contacts based on group security. Useful to give yourself time to prepare before allowing your users to interact with the new feature.

San Diego Unified - District Student Search Customization Presentation

Enhanced Parent Portal

NOTE!!! EPP may not be working with the latest versions of PowerSchool. The Enhanced Parent Portal (EPP) is a popular add-on to PowerSchool to enhance the Student/Parent Portal with additional pages and give you the control of hiding/showing any of the existing or custom pages.

Bell Schedule Header

This plugin adds the current day's schedule name to the header of all the portals, with a link to a popup with period details.

Test Score Display (BETA)

This plugin creates a configurable and more readable test score display screen to supplement the existing one.

Individual Discipline Summary

Copied from PSUG Yahoo Groups National Files - legacy 2006, but still works
An adaptation of a Reporting Engine Discipline report. It includes instructions on how to add a link to a PS screen so as to provide the studentid automatically. The result is a report showing only discipline logs within a user defined data range for the individual student. Included is the entry date, sub-type, Subject, Detail (Entry) and Consequence for each discipline log entry. Definitely provided "as is", your mileage may vary.

PowerScheduler Teacher Assignments Display

We created this to provide a paperless means of communicating to teachers their future teaching assignments based on the data in PowerScheduler. Includes control school-by-school of whether or not to display the assignments and display custom messages for both enabled and disabled states. This is a plugin, use Plugin Management Configuration to install the zip. You'll find the settings under School - (Scheduling) - Preferences. Posted by Roger.

Add Reset Class Counts to Special Functions

If the section class counts are incorrect, the only solution is to have someone with the correct access run the "Reset Class Counts" operation from the System - Special Operations page. This customization creates a custom page containing ONLY the Reset Class Counts function, and a page fragment adds the link to this new page to the Special Functions screen. Add both of the files below to the admin folder in your custom webroot or CPM.

  • PowerSource Download 449 - This is a link to PowerSource for the custom page itself, posted by Linda Brock
  • functions.resetclasscount.content.footer.txt - This is the fragment that will add a link to "Special Functions" and update the "striping" to preserve the alternating row colors. Because MediaWiki does not allow "txt" uploads, this is a zip file that must first be unzipped before being uploaded. It is NOT a plugin.

Enter Attendance Prev5

Adds a link right after "Enter Attendance" with the start date as 5 days ago and the end date as 1 day ago, for the purpose of modifying prior days attendance. Our secretary is often working with prior week's attendance on Monday, for example. This makes it easier to get to the prior dates very quickly. Upload this fragment via CPM to the admin/students/ directory.

Database Extensions, Fragments, and Plugins

User created guide

Building a Plugin from Start to Finish

An example (Vehicle Tracking) of using Database Extensions, Fragments, and building it all into a plugin.

Test Server Modifications

Changing Logos and Colors on a Test Server

For your test server, you may want to change the color scheme as an indicator that you are using a test server vs. using the production server. You can also change the displayed name from “PowerSchool” to something else. This PDF documents how to do this. See also the "Sample SVG Files" posted below.

Sample SVG Files

These files are related to the "Changing Logos and Colors on a Test Server" above. These are sample SVG files for replacing the "PowerSchool" name logo with "PlaySchool". These are named "playschool" intentionally. For them to work on your server, they need to be renamed to:

Test Server Watermark

Adds a green "Monkey Wrench" background watermark to your test server. This is a plugin, install through System - System Settings - Plugin Management

Angular and GridWidget

  • - A sample plugin showcasing the Angular Grid Widget with Tile Carousel (does not use PowerQueries)

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