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PowerTeacher Pro Resources

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PowerTeacher Pro Enhancements

  • Build Email Lists - Adds the ability to build a list of student and/or guardian emails which the teacher can copy and paste into the BCC field of their email client. It supplements the lack of functionality to email students and parents in the current version of PTP.
  • PTP Migration Dashboard - This plugin helps system administrators manage the transition to PowerTeacher Pro more effectively. It provides a visualization of the sections that have and have not been migrated and features a one-click operation to migrate sections.
  • PowerTeacher Pro Teacher Sections Picker - Alternate plugin to list sections for easy switching to PTP.
  • Display All Reporting Term Setup Dates - This enhancement modifies the Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup page to display all of your reporting term dates.
  • Student Contacts in PowerTeacher Pro - This plugin will install a new PTP page under the Students menu that will show up to 12 contacts per student.

(Legacy) PowerTeacher Pro FAQ

  • PowerTeacherPro FAQ PowerSourceCollection 20160527.pdf - This is an "unofficial" FAQ gleaned from PowerSource posts. Over 40 questions that have been asked and answered. Please still refer to the official FAQ on PowerSource, this is meant to supplement. Shared by Roger Sprik. UPDATED on 5/27/2016