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PSCB Customizations is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to plugins previously posted on PowerData Solutions. This ongoing project is the result of the collaborative efforts of Rob Staats, Manjit Basra and Michael Moore. Each member of the PSCB Development team has 15+ year experience in developing PowerSchool custom pages and reports. PSCB posts their customizations to PowerSource and PowerDataSolutions, but as of now has chosen to only post their PSCB Custom Reports Bundle at http:// Each link is a separate plugin and/or download.


Scripts and Images

Custom Reports Bundle

Each bundle below is a separate plugin and grouped by functional area. As you install each plugin that report bundle will then be automatically added to the "PSCB Home Page" (the first plugin listed). The reports bundle is only available at as of April 2019.


All of these customizations are available at both PowerSource and PowerDataSolutions. Links are to PowerSource where possible.