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California GPA

  • UCGPARev3Documentation 20150313.pdf - Documentation on how Valley calculates the California GPAs
    • Revision 3 from March 2015 to include the cap on added value to 8 semesters. Updated 3/13/2015 to include instructions if your course credit structure is different than 1.0 for yearlong classes.

General GPA

Troubleshooting GPA

Special GPA Methods

  • QuickLookupGPA.pdf - Method for adding additional information to the Quick Lookup screen.
  • - Cumulative Change over time GPA method.
  • - GPA method to display grade count bar chart. This zip file include the red and blue bar images that need to be uploaded to your images folder. This method also works around the XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) error the previous method generated in newer versions of PowerSchoool.