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Not a comprehensive list of vendors and 3rd Party solutions, but testimonials from SoCal customers who use 3rd party products to enhance PowerSchool.

Custom Alerts

Made by Adam Larsen/Aurora Education Technology and sold by Marcia Brenner Associates.

Custom Alerts Use Case

EdCode 49079. Requirement to notify teachers of "dangerous" students based on 3 years of data?

  • San Marino is going to create a custom field and are purchasing Custom Alerts.


AccelaSchool (ECollect)

We use this program to create quick forms since we are currently not using Info Snap for registration. We can quickly create forms to use for parents, students, teachers and staff. You can setup the form to need approval to submit the information into Powerschool or write directly into fields. you can also set it up to email and notify you are the start page if any forms are waiting approval or submission.


Phoenix Learning Systems

PS Vault

PS Vault - We use PS Vault to upload progress reports, teacher comments, report cards, registration documents, and transcripts. What we like best is that it will do a mass upload of report cards or any document as long as the student code is displayed on the report. We can select what staff can see which folders, and we allow parents to upload and download documents in the parent portal.


Emailer - easy to use email program that sends school enrollment, chronic absence, failing grades and any sql report we would like to specific staff.