SoCal Meeting31 Jan 20, 2023

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Join us at the Southern California PowerSchool User Group Meeting

Date and Time

Friday, January 20, 2023
9:00AM to 2:00PM PT
Continental Breakfast available at 8:30AM


Fullerton School District
Educational Learning Center (ELC)
1401 West Valencia Drive
Fullerton, CA 92833

While in-person attendance provides the best experience, if you can only attend virtually, that option is still available.


Please use this form to RSVP by Tuesday, January 17, 2023, and make sure to select if you are going to be attending in person or virtually.

Sponsor: Marcia Brenner Associates

  • Raelyn Wallock from MBA will share a variety of plugins they have for PowerSchool, including free plugins anyone can use


  • CALPADS RoundTable
    • Fall 2 changes/issues
    • Transitional Kinder Grade Level
    • New Attendance by Summary Grade Level Report
  • MBA Plugins
    • Raelyn Wallock from MBA will present plugins that enhance PowerSchool, including an amazing Report Creator, Alert Creator, and free plugins
  • PowerQuery DATs Part 2
    • Review PowerQuery DATs introduced in October (Current Grades and Attendance)
    • Introduce a new School Entry Date DAT
    • Take suggestions live for creating new ones
    • During our meeting we added a District Entry Date option. The updated plugin is now available on PowerSource
      • Note: The table format bug during the presentation was due to a line break. For the table tag to work, it must all be one one line!
  • Misc Topics
    • How to mass delete Contacts with no associated students
    • Uploading and maintaining documents in PowerSchool - the stock feature demonstrated and mention of alternatives
    • Preventing Duplicate Students with the Enable Duplicate Student Check setting
      • Helps prevent the creation of duplicate students through the UI, via import or even from API integrations
      • Not 100% perfect, sometimes parents will enter DOB or names differently. But greatly reduces duplicates.
      • District -> (District Information) Miscellaneous
      • Recommended settings:
        • Enable Duplicate Student Check: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender
        • Enable Duplicate Student Check Strict Matching (all fields must match): OFF (not checked)

Driving and Parking Instructions

Click here for directions


All parking areas designated as "Parking" are open parking. The parking spaces directly in front of the main office entrance posted as visitor or limited-time parking should not be used.

Fullerton Parking Map