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Health Office Visits

Shared by Trish Behlings

  • Health Office Visit Log - Date - ReportWorks Report by Date Range. Shows Health Office Visits by Date Range, listing Student Name, Number, Time In/Out and Reason for visit by date. Unzip to extract .rwp file.

Health Immunization Importing

Shared by Beci Weed

CSIR card (California Blue Card) Electronic Record Keeping Process

Shared by Beci Weed

Exporting Immunization Data

Shared by Beci Weed

This file is set up to do our entire district and just current 8th graders ~ you could easily modify to do single schools and all or multiple grades.

Many, many thanks go out to Farren Bratton for sharing the following query structure and resolving my query errors. Thanks also to Dean Dahlvang for sharing his query (very similar to Farren's ~ great minds think alike!) and being willing to help.