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Enterprise Reporting Resources


These are files that can be imported into Application 100. Note: If you import a page with the same number as one on your server, it will overwrite your original page. These are all in zip format due to MediaWiki restrictions. Unzip them and work with the .sql format for import.

  • F100 page 602.zip - Teacher Percent Averages
  • F100 page 601.zip - Room Utilization
  • F100 page 604.zip - Student Schedules
  • F100 page 801.zip - Gradebook Grades. Will list grades from the gradebook for the current year. Includes course and teacher information, can be used to pivot useful summaries by teacher, course, etc.
  • F100 page 1005.zip - Gradebook Grades with Student Info. Will list grades from the gradebook. Includes course name, teacher, storecode, student, grade level. You will need to save versions of the report to further filter the results.