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Groups that host conferences

  • PowerSchool University - PSU is the primary Pearson-organized PowerSchool training conference, held four times annually in different cities around the United States. It’s an impeccably-planned and run event with expert trainers and dozens of incredibly useful classes for users in all different roles and skill levels, as well as open labs and extensive networking opportunities. Anyone using PowerSchool extensively should attend at least once, and yearly if possible.
  • PSUG Events - Regional and National User Group Conferences. The National Event is a PSUG conference on a much larger scale (for the whole United States), this annual four-day conference is organized by PowerSchool users themselves. In other words, PowerSchool is supportive and present but not running the show. There are about 100 unique training sessions plus dozens of workshops and presentations by vendors who have products or services that work well with PowerSchool.
  • PSUG Asia - Official website of the Asia PSUG founded in 2010 by Shanghai American School. They host a yearly conference as well.
  • European PowerSchool Conference - A PSUG conference for European PowerSchool users held every year.
  • PSUG Middle East & Africa - PSUG Middle East has been hosting a yearly conference in Dubai and surrounding countries since 2017.

Upcoming User Group Conferences

These conferences are different than the PowerSchool University conferences hosted by PowerSchool. The are independent conferences by users and for users.